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path a track beaten by the feet of people or animals. [4 definitions]
pathetic arousing feelings of pity, sorrow, or tender concern. [2 definitions]
pathetic fallacy the attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects, a technique esp. used in literature as in the sentence, "The angry waves pounded the beach".
pathfinder one who finds or makes a path or way, usu. through unexplored areas.
-pathic feeling or suffering in (such) a way or as a result of (such) a condition. [2 definitions]
pathless combined form of path.
patho- suffering; disease.
pathogen any organism that causes disease, such as a bacterium or virus.
pathogenesis the forming or development of disease.
pathogenic producing or being capable of causing disease. [2 definitions]
pathological of or related to disease or pathology. [2 definitions]
pathology the scientific study of the causes, nature, and results of bodily disease. [2 definitions]
pathophysiology changes in the body associated with a particular disease or injury, or the study of such changes.
pathos a quality in life or art that evokes pity, sadness, or compassion. [2 definitions]
pathway a route; path; course.
-pathy feeling or suffering. [3 definitions]
patience the ability to steadfastly endure misfortune, pain, or hardship. [3 definitions]
patient a person or animal undergoing medical treatment. [7 definitions]
patina a greenish, brownish, or reddish crust or film produced by oxidation on the surface of old metals such as bronze and copper. [4 definitions]
patio a usu. paved and roofless area that adjoins a house and is used for dining or recreation. [2 definitions]
patisserie a shop where fancy pastry, usu. French, is made and sold. [2 definitions]