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patient a person or animal undergoing medical treatment. [7 definitions]
patina a greenish, brownish, or reddish crust or film produced by oxidation on the surface of old metals such as bronze and copper. [4 definitions]
patio a usu. paved and roofless area that adjoins a house and is used for dining or recreation. [2 definitions]
patisserie a shop where fancy pastry, usu. French, is made and sold. [2 definitions]
patois a rural or regional variety of a language, esp. in France, that is considered to be substandard; dialect. [2 definitions]
pat (someone) on the back (informal) to encourage, praise, or congratulate by words or actions.
pat. pend. abbreviation of "patent pending."
patri- father.
patriarch a usu. elderly male leader of a family or tribe. (Cf. matriarch.) [4 definitions]
patriarchate the position, office, or jurisdiction of a religious patriarch.
patriarchy a social system in which a father rules, and descent and succession are traced through the father. (Cf. matriarchy.)
patrician a member of an aristocratic class. [5 definitions]
patricide the act of killing one's father. [2 definitions]
patrilineal of, concerning, or tracing descent through the families of fathers.
patrilocal of or concerning residence with or near the family or tribe of one's husband.
patrimony an estate inherited, usu. from one's father. [2 definitions]
patriot one who loves, supports, and defends his or her nation and its interests.
patriotic feeling, showing, or caused by one's love for and loyalty to one's nation.
patriotism love for, and devotion and loyalty to, one's nation.
patristic of or concerning the early Christian church fathers and their writings.
patrol to move regularly and repeatedly along or through (a route, building, or area) for the purpose of maintaining security and order. [3 definitions]