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penman someone who is expert at penmanship. [3 definitions]
penmanship the art, skill, or manner of handwriting.
pen name a name used by an author in place of his or her real name; pseudonym; nom de plume.
pennant a long, tapering, usu. triangular or forked flag used on ships for signaling or for identification. [3 definitions]
penne pasta in the form of short, diagonally cut tubes.
penni formerly, the smaller monetary unit of Finland. (Cf. markka.)
penniless having no money at all; very poor.
pennon formerly, a long, tapered streamer or banner attached to a lance as a flag. [2 definitions]
Pennsylvania an eastern U.S. state south of New York. (abbr.: PA)
Pennsylvania Dutch the descendants of German and Swiss immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. [3 definitions]
Pennsylvanian of or pertaining to Pennsylvania or its people. [4 definitions]
penny a coin of the United States and Canada worth one cent. [4 definitions]
penny ante a poker game in which the bet is limited to a penny or other small amount. [2 definitions]
penny arcade a hall or building, esp. in an amusement park, in which various mechanical games, peep shows, and other entertainment devices may be operated for a small sum.
penny pincher a miserly, stingy person.
pennyroyal either of two herbaceous, aromatic plants that yield pungent oils.
pennyweight a unit of weight equal to twenty-four troy weight grains, 1.555 grams, or one twentieth of an ounce.
penny-wise skilled or careful in small or trivial matters, or matters that concern small amounts of money. (Cf. pound-foolish.)
pennyworth any quantity that may be bought for a penny. [2 definitions]
penology the study and practice of criminal punishment and rehabilitation, and of prison management.
pen pal a person who exchanges letters regularly with someone else usu. living so far away that a personal meeting is unlikely.