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perjure to render (oneself) guilty of perjury by giving false testimony under oath.
perjured guilty of perjury. [2 definitions]
perjury the intentional giving of false testimony under oath in a court or other official proceeding.
perk1 to recover good spirits or energy (usu. fol. by "up"). [5 definitions]
perk2 (informal) to percolate.
perk3 (informal) a privilege or benefit, as of a high rank or position; perquisite.
perky lively, jaunty, or pert.
perlite a volcanic glass with distinctive concentric cracks, used in the manufacture of concrete and plaster, and thermal and acoustic insulation.
perm (informal) a process for putting a long-lasting curl or wave in the hair by applying a chemical solution and rolling the hair on curlers; permanent. [3 definitions]
permafrost the permanently frozen subsoil layer or areas found in arctic and subarctic regions.
permanence the state or quality of being permanent.
permanency permanence. [2 definitions]
permanent existing or intended to exist indefinitely or perpetually; everlasting. [3 definitions]
permanent marker a pen or marker containing ink that may adhere to all surfaces, be water-resistant, contain durable dyes or pigments, or possess some combination of these attributes.
permanent press a wrinkle-resistant fabric, requiring little or no ironing after washing.
permanent resident a legal status granted to non-citizens of the U.S. who have met certain requirements of the Immigration Service, allowing them to live and work permanently in the U.S. and to enter the country without a visa.
permanent tooth any of the thirty-two adult human teeth.
permanent wave artificial waves that are set into the hair by the application of special chemicals, and that last for usu. two or three months; permanent.
permanganate any of the dark purple salts of permanganic acid that are strong oxidizing agents.
permanganic acid an unstable acid that is a strong oxidizing agent in aqueous solutions.
permeability the quality or condition of permitting penetration or diffusion, as by a gas or liquid.