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perk2 (informal) to percolate.
perk3 (informal) a privilege or benefit, as of a high rank or position; perquisite.
perky lively, jaunty, or pert.
perlite a volcanic glass with distinctive concentric cracks, used in the manufacture of concrete and plaster, and thermal and acoustic insulation.
perm (informal) a process for putting a long-lasting curl or wave in the hair by applying a chemical solution and rolling the hair on curlers; permanent. [3 definitions]
permafrost the permanently frozen subsoil layer or areas found in arctic and subarctic regions.
permanence the state or quality of being permanent.
permanency permanence. [2 definitions]
permanent existing or intended to exist indefinitely or perpetually; everlasting. [3 definitions]
permanent marker a pen or marker containing ink that may adhere to all surfaces, be water-resistant, contain durable dyes or pigments, or possess some combination of these attributes.
permanent press a wrinkle-resistant fabric, requiring little or no ironing after washing.
permanent resident a legal status granted to non-citizens of the U.S. who have met certain requirements of the Immigration Service, allowing them to live and work permanently in the U.S. and to enter the country without a visa.
permanent tooth any of the thirty-two adult human teeth.
permanent wave artificial waves that are set into the hair by the application of special chemicals, and that last for usu. two or three months; permanent.
permanganate any of the dark purple salts of permanganic acid that are strong oxidizing agents.
permanganic acid an unstable acid that is a strong oxidizing agent in aqueous solutions.
permeability the quality or condition of permitting penetration or diffusion, as by a gas or liquid.
permeable of a substance, being such that gas or liquid can penetrate or diffuse through it.
permeate to pass or diffuse through; penetrate. [3 definitions]
Permian of, relating to, or designating the last geological period of the Paleozoic Era, from approximately 280 million to 220 million years ago, when reptiles became prominent, major mountain ranges such as the Appalachians formed, and great glaciers appeared in the Southern Hemisphere. [2 definitions]
permissible permitted; allowable.