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pharmacognosy the science dealing with the plant, animal, and mineral sources and properties of drugs, esp. in their crude or unprepared states.
pharmacokinetic of or related to the absorption, processing, and elimination of a drug by the body, or to the field of pharmacokinetics.
pharmacokinetics the study of the absorption, processing, and elimination of drugs by the body. [2 definitions]
pharmacology the scientific study of the composition, use, and effects of drugs and medicines.
pharmacopoeia a book that contains an authorized list of drugs and other medicines, along with information on their preparation, use, and effects. [2 definitions]
pharmacy the practice, profession, or art of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicine. [3 definitions]
pharyngeal of, concerning, or near the pharynx.
pharyngitis inflammation of the pharynx.
pharyngo- pharynx.
pharyngology the study of the pharynx and the diseases associated with it.
pharyngoscope an instrument that is used to examine the pharynx.
pharynx the cavity and surrounding muscles and tissue located between the back of the nose and throat and the esophagus.
phase a distinct or particular stage in a cycle of development or process of change. [4 definitions]
phase-contrast microscope a microscope that uses the different phases of light from different parts of an observed object to produce an image with high contrast among its parts.
phase in to incorporate or introduce in stages.
phase modulation in radio transmission, variation of the phase of a carrier wave in accordance with the amplitude of a modulating signal such as speech.
phase-out a gradual withdrawal or termination of operations, production, services, or the like.
Ph.D. abbreviation of "philosophiae doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Philosophy.
pheasant any of a number of fowls that have long tails and characteristically bright feathers in the male.
phellem a layer of dead cells that forms in the bark of woody plants; cork.
phellogen in woody plants, a tissue layer that lies just beneath the outer bark and generates the outer bark cells; cork cambium.