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photoelectric of or relating to the electrical or electronic effects of light or other radiation.
photoelectric cell an electric cell in which the force of the current changes according to the variations of light or other radiation falling on it; electric eye.
photoelectron an electron whose emission from a substance is induced by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light.
photoemission the emission of photoelectrons from a surface, esp. a metallic one, induced by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light.
photoengrave to produce or reproduce using the technique of photoengraving.
photoengraving a printing process by which an image is transferred photographically onto a relief printing plate. [3 definitions]
photo finish the finish of a race in which the contestants are so close that one or more photographs taken at the moment of crossing the finish line must be examined to determine the winner. [2 definitions]
photofinishing the act, process, or work of developing film, printing photographs, and the like.
photoflash a glass bulb attached to a camera that flashes brilliantly for a moment when triggered electrically, to illuminate the subject being photographed; flash bulb.
photoflood lamp see flood lamp.
photogenic attractive as a subject for, or appearing attractive in, photographs. [3 definitions]
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image on a light-sensitive surface. [4 definitions]
photographer a person who takes photographs, esp. as an occupation.
photographic of or relating to photography. [3 definitions]
photography the reproduction of an image on a light-sensitive surface. [3 definitions]
photogravure the photographic process of intaglio engraving. [3 definitions]
photo ID a card with a person's name and photograph. A photo ID is used to prove that a person is who he says he is.
photojournalism journalism that primarily uses photographs rather than written text.
photolithography a technique or process of offset printing in which an image is photographically transferred onto a metal or paper sheet that is then developed and specially treated to resist ink on all but the transferred image.
photolysis the chemical breakdown or decomposition of matter caused by the absorption of light.
photomap a map of one or more aerial photographs onto which identifying names and markings have been superimposed. [2 definitions]