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photo ID a card with a person's name and photograph. A photo ID is used to prove that a person is who he says he is.
photojournalism journalism that primarily uses photographs rather than written text.
photolithography a technique or process of offset printing in which an image is photographically transferred onto a metal or paper sheet that is then developed and specially treated to resist ink on all but the transferred image.
photolysis the chemical breakdown or decomposition of matter caused by the absorption of light.
photomap a map of one or more aerial photographs onto which identifying names and markings have been superimposed. [2 definitions]
photomechanical pertaining to or designating any process by which plates used in printing are prepared by photographic means.
photometer an instrument that measures the intensity, distribution, and color of light.
photometry the measurement of light, esp. its intensity or fluctuation.
photomicrograph a photograph of a small object taken through a microscope.
photomontage the technique of making a photographic composition by combining parts or elements of more than one photograph, often with the addition of other graphic material. [2 definitions]
photomultiplier an electronic device that detects and amplifies electromagnetic radiation, esp. in the visible range; photomultiplier tube.
photomultiplier tube an electronic device that detects and amplifies electromagnetic radiation, esp. in the visible range; photomultiplier.
photomural one or more very large photographs used as a mural.
photon the fundamental unit of electromagnetic energy with zero mass, no electrical charge, and a spin of one, usu. regarded as an elementary particle.
photonics the branch of physical science that deals with the properties and applications of light, esp. as a medium for transmitting information.
photo-offset a method of offset printing in which an inked photolithographic image is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket or roller and then printed on paper. [2 definitions]
photooxidation oxidizing caused by light or some other kind of radiation.
photoperiodism the effect, as on growth or behaviors in plants or animals, caused by variations in the lengths of time they are exposed to light.
photophobia an abnormal fear of or painful sensitivity to light, sometimes resulting from eye ailments.
photopia vision during conditions of bright light or normal daylight. (Cf. scotopia.)
photoplay the written text of a play intended for presentation on film rather than on the stage; screenplay.