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pitchy full of or smeared with pitch. [2 definitions]
piteous worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable.
pitfall an unexpected or hidden danger. [2 definitions]
pith the soft central portion of certain plant stems and animal parts such as feathers. [5 definitions]
Pithecanthropus (Latin) a former genus of extinct hominids; Java man. (See Homo erectus.)
pithy exactly and concisely appropriate; effective; forceful. [2 definitions]
pitiable worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; piteous. [2 definitions]
pitiful worthy of or inspiring pity or sympathy; pitiable. [2 definitions]
pitiless having or demonstrating no pity or mercy; ruthless.
pitman a person who works in a pit, such as a coal miner. [2 definitions]
piton a sharp-pointed metal spike designed to be hammered into rock or ice for giving support or for attaching a rope in mountain climbing.
pit saw a large saw used to cut wood lengthwise that is handled by two persons, one positioned on the log and the second in a pit or trench beneath it.
pit stop time out from a race for a car to refuel or be serviced at the pit area.
pittance a contemptibly small portion, amount, or payment. [2 definitions]
pitted1 having had the stones or pits removed, as from olives or cherries.
pitted2 marked with hollows, depressions, or pits.
pitter-patter a succession of soft rapid tapping sounds. [3 definitions]
pituitary a small, two-lobed gland of vertebrates that is located at the base of the brain and produces important metabolic and developmental hormones; pituitary gland; hypophysis. [4 definitions]
pituitary gland see pituitary.
pit viper any of various poisonous snakes that have a prominent heat-sensitive depression on either side of the head.
pity compassion, sympathy, or unhappiness caused by another's pain, bad luck, or suffering. [4 definitions]