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pity compassion, sympathy, or unhappiness caused by another's pain, bad luck, or suffering. [4 definitions]
pityriasis any of various mammalian skin diseases characterized by patches of dry or scaly skin, that sheds in flakes.
pił more (used with tempo directions in music).
pivot a part, such as a rod or pin, upon which another part rotates, swings, or oscillates. [6 definitions]
pivotable combined form of pivot.
pivotal of, pertaining to, or acting as a pivot. [2 definitions]
pix variant of pyx.
pixel the smallest component of an image that can be transmitted or received in a video display system.
pixie variant of pixy.
pixilated amusingly eccentric, droll, or whimsical.
pixy a playful or mischievous creature of folklore, similar to a fairy or elf. [2 definitions]
pizazz (informal) liveliness; spirited energy; vivacity. [2 definitions]
pizza an originally Italian food comprising a flat doughy crust covered with tomato sauce, cheese, and often meat or vegetables and then baked.
pizzeria a restaurant or shop that serves pizza and usu. other Italian-style foods.
pizzicato played by plucking the strings with the fingers rather than played with the bow (used as a musical direction). (Cf. arco.) [2 definitions]
Pk.1 abbreviation of "Park."
Pk.2 abbreviation of "Peak."
pkg. abbreviation of "package."
PKU a genetic disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize phenylaline, often causing mental retardation; phenylketonuria.
pkwy. (chiefly British) abbreviation of "parkway," a railway station, usu. with extensive parking facilities, serving suburban commuters. [2 definitions]
Pl. abbreviation of "Place."