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Plains Indian a member of any of the buffalo-hunting, seminomadic North American Indian peoples that formerly inhabited the Great Plains.
plainsman a man who lives on the plains, esp. a frontiersman or early settler on the prairies or plains of the midwestern and western United States.
plainsong an unaccompanied monophonic chant or melody, such as that used in Hindu and early Christian liturgies. [2 definitions]
plain-spoken saying exactly what one believes; frank; blunt.
plainswoman a woman who lives on the plains, esp. an early settler on the prairies of the midwestern and western United States.
plaint an expression of unhappiness; complaint. [2 definitions]
plain text data consisting only of text encoded in ASCII, hence as characters and spaces with no options for how they appear, making it a highly portable, compact file format.
plaintiff one who initiates a lawsuit against another. (Cf. defendant.)
plaintive showing or expressing sadness or sorrow.
plait strands, as of hair or cloth, woven together; braid. [5 definitions]
plan an intended action; aim. [7 definitions]
plan ahead to make a plan that prepares oneself for future events and possibilities.
planar of or concerning a flat surface or plane. [2 definitions]
planarian any of various free-moving aquatic flatworms having small, broad bodies and a three-part intestinal tract.
planchet a small piece of blank metal onto which a coin will be stamped.
planchette a small platform, as on a Ouija board, on which the fingertips rest, their slight pressure causing the platform to move and spell out words with an attached pencil or by pointing to letters.
Planck's constant the fundamental constant in quantum mechanics that expresses the ratio of the radiant energy of one quantum to the frequency of radiation.
plane1 a flat or level surface. [7 definitions]
plane2 any of various carpentry tools with an adjustable blade, used to make surfaces of wood smooth, true, grooved, or the like. [3 definitions]
plane geometry the geometry of two-dimensional or planar figures.
planer a person or thing that planes, esp. a machine that cuts or smooths wood.