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planetesimal any of the numerous small bodies once thought to have orbited the sun and coalesced to form the planets.
planet-friendly of or pertaining to a product or process that causes minimal harm to the environment.
planet gear a gear that meshes with and describes a circular path around another gear, esp. in an epicyclic train; planet wheel.
planetoid an asteroid.
planet wheel see "planet gear."
plangent sounding deeply or loudly. [2 definitions]
planimeter a device that measures the area of a plane figure by tracing around its entire perimeter.
planisphere a maplike projection of all or part of a sphere on a plane surface. [2 definitions]
plank a length of wood similar to, but thicker than, a board. [4 definitions]
planking planks collectively. [2 definitions]
plankton free-floating, usu. microscopic plant and animal life found in fresh or salt water.
planless combined form of plan.
Planned Parenthood trademark for an organization that provides information on various methods of family planning such as birth control.
planner a person who plans, esp. one who plans the development of cities and towns. [2 definitions]
planning the act of figuring out how to do something ahead of time.
plano- flat.
plano-concave having one flat and one concave side, as a lens.
plano-convex having one flat and one convex side, as a lens.
planograph a print or impression produced from a flat surface. [2 definitions]
planography a process or method of printing directly from a flat surface.
plan position indicator a circular radarscope that displays signals at radial distances from the center, which represents the transmitter's location.