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plantar of or occurring on the sole of the foot.
plantation an area of land for cultivating plants or trees, or a group of cultivated plants or trees. [3 definitions]
planter one who plants. [3 definitions]
planter's punch a chilled drink made of rum, lemon or lime juice, soda or water, and sugar.
plantigrade characterized by the use of the whole sole of the foot in walking.
plant louse an aphid, or any of various related insects.
plant medicine a traditional practice in which herbs and plant extracts are used to treat disease; herbal medicine. [3 definitions]
plaque a flat plate or tablet, usu. inscribed and used as a decorative hanging or as a commemorative. [3 definitions]
plash a gentle splash. [3 definitions]
-plasia development; growth; formation.
-plasm formative material, esp. of cells or tissue.
plasma the clear, liquid part of lymph or blood in which cells are suspended. [4 definitions]
plasmagene a cytoplasmic structure or substance that is thought to carry hereditary characteristics and function in a manner similar to, but independent of, chromosomal genes.
plasma membrane the thin, semipermeable membrane that encloses a plant or animal cell.
plasmapheresis a medical procedure in which blood cells are returned to the donor after the plasma and blood cells have been separated.
plasmid a DNA-containing, self-reproducing element in the cytoplasm of some bacteria which exists outside the chromosome, used in recombinant DNA technology because it can alter a hereditary characteristic when introduced into another bacterium.
plasmin an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
plasminogen the inactive precursor of plasmin, an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
plasmolysis the contraction of a cell's protoplasm, esp. in plants, because of the loss of water through the cell membrane or wall.
-plast an organized unit of usu. organic matter; cell.
plaster a paste of sand, lime or gypsum, or the like, and water that hardens when it dries, used esp. to cover walls and ceilings. [4 definitions]