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plasmin an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
plasminogen the inactive precursor of plasmin, an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
plasmolysis the contraction of a cell's protoplasm, esp. in plants, because of the loss of water through the cell membrane or wall.
-plast an organized unit of usu. organic matter; cell.
plaster a paste of sand, lime or gypsum, or the like, and water that hardens when it dries, used esp. to cover walls and ceilings. [4 definitions]
plasterboard a thin sheet of hardened plaster covered with paper or cardboard and used to cover walls and ceilings.
plaster cast a sturdy rigid covering consisting of gauze saturated in plaster of Paris which is wrapped, when still wet, around a fractured limb or other part to prevent movement during healing. [2 definitions]
plastered (slang) drunk.
plaster of Paris any of several white gypsum powders that form a paste and harden quickly when added to water, and are used for making casts, molds, and sculpture.
-plastic developing, growing, or forming. [2 definitions]
plastic any of numerous synthetic substances, usu. organic polymers, that can be easily shaped when soft and then hardened, and that are widely used as industrial and domestic materials and finished products. [5 definitions]
plastic art an art, such as sculpture, in which forms are carved or modeled in three dimensions. [2 definitions]
plastic bomb a puttylike adhesive substance containing explosives that can be detonated either by electricity or a fuse.
Plasticine trademark for a claylike oil-base paste used for modeling.
plasticity the quality of being malleable. [4 definitions]
plasticize to transform into or become plastic.
plasticizer any of various substances added to plastics, paints, or the like to modify viscosity, flexibility, strength, or other characteristics.
plastic surgery surgery to repair, restore, or remodel injured or malformed parts of the body, esp. by transferring tissue from other parts of the body or from another individual.
plastid any of several small protoplasmic structures found in the cytoplasm of some plant cells, in which substances such as starch, protein, and pigment are stored.
plastique see "plastic bomb." [2 definitions]
plastisol dispersed particles of resin suspended in a liquid organic substance that gels and then fuses when processed by heat, used to create thermoplastic coatings or molds.