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pocketknife a compact knife with a blade or blades that fold into the handle.
pocket money a small amount of money given or carried for incidental expenses. [2 definitions]
pocket mouse any of various small, nocturnal desert-dwelling North American rodents that have fur-lined cheek pouches.
pocket-size small enough to be carried conveniently in a pocket.
pocket veto in the United States, the indirect veto that occurs when the President refuses to sign a bill within ten days of the adjournment of Congress.
pockmark (usu. pl.) the pitted scars left by smallpox or a similar disease. [2 definitions]
poco a little; somewhat (used with tempo directions in music).
poco a poco gradually (used as a musical direction).
-pod one that has a specified kind or number of feet or similar parts. [2 definitions]
pod1 a long thin firm vessel containing seeds, esp. of a pea or bean plant. [4 definitions]
pod2 a group of whales or seals that feed and travel together.
podcast an audio recording that can be downloaded from the internet, usually consisting of a short talk or program on a particular topic.
podiatry the medical study and treatment of foot problems.
podium a raised platform, as for a speaker or orchestra conductor; dais.
Podunk (informal) any small or unimportant town.
poem a piece of writing, often in rhythmic verse and sometimes rhyming, that is characterized by vivid, compressed language and strong emotional force. [2 definitions]
poet one who writes poetry. [2 definitions]
poetaster an untalented or inept poet.
poetic like poetry in style or character. [4 definitions]
poeticize to make (feelings, thoughts, observations, or the like) poetic; express in poetry. [3 definitions]
poetic justice an outcome in real life or fiction in which someone receives a reward or punishment that is peculiarly or ironically appropriate.