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politburo a Communist party's most powerful committee. [2 definitions]
polite demonstrating good manners or thoughtfulness; well-trained in deportment; courteous. [2 definitions]
politesse cultured manners; politeness.
politic political. [4 definitions]
political of, relating to, or concerned with the theory or practice of politics. [3 definitions]
political action committee an independent political organization that seeks to promote the cause of a particular interest group, usu. through fundraising and campaigning to elect candidates who support the group's views.
political economy a social science dealing with the relationships among economic processes, political policies, and social institutions.
political primary in U.S. politics, a preliminary election in which members of each party vote for candidates to represent the party in the general election.
political science a social science dealing with politics, political institutions, and the principles and methods of government.
politician a person engaged in party politics. [3 definitions]
politicize to interpret in a political way; make political.
politicking political activity, esp. campaigning before an election.
politico a person involved in politics; politician.
politics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the art, science, or study of governmental structures and methods. [4 definitions]
polity the type of governing system or process used by a state or other organized group. [2 definitions]
polka a simple, energetic dance from Bohemia performed by pairs of people. [3 definitions]
polka dot one of a number of small round dots or spots repeated in a pattern. [2 definitions]
poll the casting of a ballot or the recording of votes in an election. [10 definitions]
pollee one that is asked questions in a poll.
pollen the fine-grained powder that a flowering plant produces which, when transferred to another plant of the same species, fertilizes that plant's seeds.
pollinate to transfer pollen to; fertilize the seeds of with pollen.