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postage stamp a small, usu. gummed label bearing a money denomination, and often a picture, that is issued and affixed to mail, indicating that payment of postage has been made.
postal of or relating to the mail service. [2 definitions]
postal card see "postcard."
postal service see "post office."
postamputation combined form of amputation.
postapocalyptic combined form of apocalyptic.
postarrest combined form of arrest.
postatomic combined form of atomic.
postattack combined form of attack.
postbaccalaureate combined form of baccalaureate.
postbellum occurring in, pertaining to, or characteristic of a period following a war, esp. the American Civil War. (Cf. antebellum.)
postbiblical combined form of biblical.
postbourgeois combined form of bourgeois.
postbox (chiefly British) a public depository for outgoing mail; mailbox.
postburn combined form of burn.
postcapitalist combined form of capitalist.
postcard a small card that can be mailed without an envelope, usu. having a picture on one side and space for a message, address, and stamp on the other.
post chaise a closed carriage drawn by fast horses that are exchanged at posts along the route, formerly used to transport mail and passengers; stagecoach.
post-Christian combined form of Christian.
post code in the UK, a code made up of letters and numerals used to identify a postal address.
postcoital combined form of coital.