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post office (often cap.) a department or branch of a government responsible for the circulation of mail. [2 definitions]
postoperative done or occurring after surgery.
postorgasmic combined form of orgasmic.
postpaid with the postage already paid by the sender.
postpartum of, relating to, or occurring in the period immediately following the delivery of a child.
postpollination combined form of pollination.
postpone to defer until a later time.
postprandial after a meal, esp. dinner.
postpresidential combined form of presidential.
postprimary combined form of primary.
postprison combined form of prison.
postpsychoanalytic combined form of psychoanalytic.
postpuberty combined form of puberty.
postpubescent combined form of pubescent.
post-Reformation combined form of Reformation.
postresurrection combined form of resurrection.
postretirement combined form of retirement.
postrevolutionary combined form of revolutionary.
postrider formerly, a person who carried mail on horseback.
postriot combined form of riot.
post road a road, route, or way on which mail is conveyed. [2 definitions]