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preagricultural combined form of agricultural.
preamble an introduction to a speech or document, esp. one that explains the purpose of the text to follow. [3 definitions]
preamplifier a circuit or other device, as in a radio, that electronically identifies and amplifies weak signals before directing them to other amplifiers.
preanesthetic combined form of anesthetic.
preannounce combined form of announce.
preapprove combined form of approve.
prearrange to arrange beforehand or in advance.
prearrangement combined form of arrangement.
preassembled combined form of assembled.
preassign combined form of assign.
prebake combined form of bake.
prebattle combined form of battle.
prebend a stipend granted to a member of the clergy, taken from the income of his or her cathedral or church. [3 definitions]
prebendary a member of the clergy who receives a prebend. [2 definitions]
prebiblical combined form of biblical.
prebook combined form of book.
prebreakfast combined form of breakfast.
prec. abbreviation of "preceded" or "preceding."
Precambrian of, relating to, or designating the earliest geological era, ending approximately 600 million years ago, when the earth's crust was formed and the first evidence of life appeared. [2 definitions]
precancel to cancel (a stamp) before mailing. [2 definitions]
precancerous having or showing the possibility or likelihood of becoming cancerous.