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predictable able to be predicted or anticipated. [2 definitions]
prediction the act of foretelling or the attempt at foretelling. [2 definitions]
predictive of or relating to predictions. [2 definitions]
predigest to subject (food) to artificial, partial digestion before eating.
predilection an inclination to favor something; partiality or preference.
predinner combined form of dinner.
prediscovery combined form of discovery.
predispose to prepare (someone) beforehand to be inclined toward a certain attitude or action. [2 definitions]
predisposition the condition of being predisposed; tendency.
prednisone a derivative of cortisone commonly used to treat arthritis.
predominant being the chief or greatest in importance, status, influence, or the like. [2 definitions]
predominantly mainly; chiefly; for the most part.
predominate to be the greater or greatest in importance, prominence, or amount. [3 definitions]
predynastic combined form of dynastic.
preelection combined form of election.
preelectric combined form of electric.
preembargo combined form of embargo.
preemie (informal) a child born prematurely.
preeminent surpassing others in eminence.
preemployment combined form of employment.
preempt to occupy a place or take up a position in order to acquire a right to it. [4 definitions]