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prejudiced holding or being influenced by preconceived opinions, as opposed to opinions based on an objective examination of the facts. [2 definitions]
prejudicial causing prejudice; putting at a disadvantage; injurious; detrimental.
pre-K shortened form of "prekindergarten," schooling for very young children that prepares them for kindergarten.
prekindergarten schooling for very young children that prepares them for kindergarten. Kindergarten in the U.S. is the first year of public elementary school, which children usually begin at age five.
prelacy the office, position, or rank of a prelate. [2 definitions]
prelate a church official of high rank, such as a bishop.
prelife combined form of life.
prelim (informal) a short academic test that comes before, and often prepares one for, a longer, more significant test; preliminary examination. [2 definitions]
preliminary coming before, esp. in preparation for, something else. [3 definitions]
preliterary combined form of literary.
preliterate of a society or culture, lacking a written language.
prelogical combined form of logical.
prelude an introductory event or act; preface; preliminary. [6 definitions]
prelunch combined form of lunch.
preluncheon combined form of luncheon.
premade combined form of made.
premanufacture combined form of manufacture.
premarital before marriage.
premaritally combined form of maritally.
premarket combined form of market.
premarketing combined form of marketing.