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premeditate to consider, plan, or arrange in advance.
premeditation the act of planning, arranging, or thinking about in advance. [2 definitions]
premenstrual of, relating to, or occurring during the time immediately preceding the onset of menstruation.
premenstrual syndrome a complex of symptoms that may occur before the onset of menstrual flow, including depression, irritability, fluid retention, and breast soreness.
premerger combined form of merger.
premier see "prime minister." [3 definitions]
premiere a first public performance or showing, as of a film or stage production. [5 definitions]
premigration combined form of migration.
premise a proposition that forms the basis for an argument or a conclusion. [5 definitions]
premium something offered as an inducement, as to buy a certain product. [6 definitions]
premodern combined form of modern.
premodification combined form of modification.
premoisten combined form of moisten.
premolar in front of the molar teeth. [3 definitions]
premolt combined form of molt.
premonition an advance sign or warning; forewarning. [2 definitions]
premoral combined form of moral.
premycotic combined form of mycotic.
prenatal prior to being born or giving birth.
prenoon combined form of noon.
prenotification combined form of notification.