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Pre-Raphaelite a member of an association of artists, esp. painters, formed in England in 1848 with the aim of reviving the style and spirit of the arts in Italy before Raphael. [2 definitions]
prerecord to record (a radio or television program) for later broadcast.
prerecorded combined form of recorded.
prerehearsal combined form of rehearsal.
prerelease combined form of release.
prerequire combined form of require.
prerequisite required beforehand, usu. in preparation or as a basis for something else. [2 definitions]
preretirement combined form of retirement.
prerevisionist combined form of revisionist.
prerevolution combined form of revolution.
prerevolutionary combined form of revolutionary.
prerinse combined form of rinse.
preriot combined form of riot.
prerogative an exclusive right or privilege derived from one's office, position, age, citizenship, birth, or the like. [3 definitions]
preromantic combined form of romantic.
Pres. abbreviation of "President."
pres.1 abbreviation of "present."
pres.2 abbreviation of "president."
presage an intuition or sense of a future occurrence; presentiment. [7 definitions]
presale combined form of sale.
presbyopia inability to focus on nearby objects due to age-related hardening of the lens of the eye.