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prescreen combined form of screen.
prescribe to lay down as a rule or guide. [4 definitions]
prescript something that is prescribed, such as a rule of conduct.
prescriptible of an illness or the like, capable of being cured by prescription. [2 definitions]
prescription a directive written by a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine to treat a designated patient. [2 definitions]
prescriptive that prescribes; setting down rules. [2 definitions]
preseason combined form of season.
presence the state or condition of being present. [5 definitions]
presence of mind ability to remain lucid in a crisis or emergency.
present1 being in existence at this time. [6 definitions]
present2 to endow or provide with something, such as a gift. [7 definitions]
presentable suitable, esp. in appearance, for being introduced or presented to others. [2 definitions]
presentation the act of presenting, or the state of being presented. [4 definitions]
present-day current or modern.
presentence combined form of sentence.
presentencing combined form of sentencing.
presentiment an intuition or sense of something about to happen; premonition or foreboding.
presently in a short while; very soon. [2 definitions]
presentment the act of presenting something, such as an idea or a promissory note. [2 definitions]
present participle a participle that either indicates ongoing action or state, as "living" in "He was living" or serves as an adjective, as "living" in "a living thing".
present perfect a verb tense that indicates that an action or state has been completed at some indefinite time up to the present, as in "I have lived in four countries". [2 definitions]