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president-elect one who has been elected president but has not yet taken office.
presidential of or relating to the person or office of a president.
President Pro Tempore the second-highest ranking officer of the Senate, elected by the members of the Senate and customarily the most senior member of the majority party, who, in the absence of the Vice President, officially presides over the Senate chamber.
presidio a fortress, garrison, or other military post, esp. one built by the Spanish in the southwestern United States.
presidium in certain Communist countries, any of various permanent administrative committees authorized to act for larger governmental bodies when the larger one is in recess. [2 definitions]
presignify to indicate or signify beforehand; foreshadow; foretell.
preslaughter combined form of slaughter.
presleep combined form of sleep.
preslice combined form of slice.
presoak to soak (clothing or the like) before laundering. [3 definitions]
pre-Socratic of or concerning the Greek philosophers who preceded Socrates, or their thoughts.
presong combined form of song.
presort to sort (mail) according to zip code before delivery to the post office.
prespecify combined form of specify.
presplit combined form of split.
press1 to bear down on with strong or moderate pressure. [16 definitions]
press2 to force into military service; impress. [3 definitions]
press agent one whose business is to promote a person or organization by arranging advertising and publicity in the news media.
press box a section reserved for reporters, esp. at a sports event.
press conference a group interview at which news reporters question a politician, celebrity, or other public figure.
presser a person or thing that presses. [2 definitions]