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pretape combined form of tape.
pretax combined form of tax.
pretechnological combined form of technological.
preteen of, pertaining to, or intended for children of about ten to twelve years old; preadolescent. [2 definitions]
pretelevision combined form of television.
pretend to claim or represent falsely or insincerely in order to deceive. [7 definitions]
pretended falsely claimed; fictitious; feigned. [2 definitions]
pretender one who misrepresents, acts falsely, or otherwise pretends. [2 definitions]
pretense an act or instance of pretending; sham or fiction. [4 definitions]
pretension a false or insincere show or claim; pretense. [3 definitions]
pretensionless combined form of pretension.
pretentious assuming or marked by an air of importance or superiority that is unwarranted. [2 definitions]
preterit in grammar, past.
preterition the act of passing over or omitting, as the omission of an heir or heirs from a will. [2 definitions]
pretermination combined form of termination.
pretermit to overlook or neglect.
preternatural out of or beyond the natural; extraordinary or unnatural. [2 definitions]
pretest a preliminary test or trial of a product, questionnaire, or the like. [4 definitions]
pretext a false reason or claim put forward to mask one's true motive or aim.
pretheater combined form of theater.
Pretoria the administrative capital of South Africa. (Cf. Bloemfontein, Cape Town.)