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preventative designed to serve as a hindrance or method of prevention. [2 definitions]
prevention the act or process of preventing. [2 definitions]
preventive designed to serve as a hindrance or method of prevention. [4 definitions]
preview an advance presentation or opening, as of a film, play, or exhibit, for a selected audience before viewing by the public. [4 definitions]
previous occurring just before another. [2 definitions]
previously just before another. [2 definitions]
previous question in parliamentary procedure, a motion to take an immediate vote on the topic under consideration, used esp. as a way of stopping debate.
prevision an ability to foresee; prescience. [2 definitions]
prevue variant of preview.
prewar existing, prevailing, or happening before a specific war.
prewarn combined form of warn.
prewash combined form of wash.
preweaning combined form of weaning.
prework combined form of work.
prewrap combined form of wrap.
prey the object of a hunt or pursuit, usu. one animal caught and eaten by another. [7 definitions]
prey on one's mind to keep arising or repeating in one's thoughts, often due to worry, agitation, or curiosity.
priapic (sometimes cap.) of or relating to Priapus; phallic. [2 definitions]
priapism a pathological condition of continuous, often painful, erection of the penis, esp. as caused by disease. [2 definitions]
Priapus in Greek and Roman mythology, the son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, considered the guardian of gardens and the god of procreation, personifying male sexuality. [2 definitions]
price the sum of money or other goods required in exchange for an item or service; cost. [6 definitions]