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primeval of or suggestive of the first age or ages.
priming explosive powder or material. [3 definitions]
primitive of, pertaining to, or at an early stage or undeveloped condition. [6 definitions]
primitivism belief in the superiority of early or primitive civilizations over contemporary ones. [2 definitions]
primogenitor the first or earliest ancestor.
primogeniture the legal right of the first-born, esp. the oldest male child, to the entire inheritance of one or both parents. [2 definitions]
primordial being earliest; existing at or from the beginning. [2 definitions]
primp to groom, arrange, or assemble (one's hair, clothing, or the like) with unusually attentive care. [2 definitions]
primrose any of several perennial plants bearing clusters of tubular flowers in various colors, esp. yellow, and having large leaves at the base of the flower stalk.
primrose path a course of action that appears easy but may turn out to be disastrous.
prin. abbreviation of "principal."
prince the son or grandson of a monarch. [4 definitions]
Prince Albert a long double-breasted frock coat.
prince consort the husband of a reigning queen or other female sovereign.
princedom the area ruled by a prince; principality. [2 definitions]
Prince Edward Island a Canadian Maritime Province on an island east of New Brunswick.
princeling a minor or subordinate prince.
princely of, pertaining to, or belonging to a prince. [2 definitions]
Prince of Darkness Satan.
Prince of Peace Jesus Christ; the Messiah.
Prince of Wales a title held by the heir apparent to the British throne.