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prolong to make (something) last longer; protract. [2 definitions]
prolusion a preliminary essay written as an introductory piece for a more detailed work, or any similarly introductory work or performance.
prom (informal) a formal dance for high school or college students; promenade.
promenade a recreational or leisurely stroll, esp. in public. [8 definitions]
Promethean of or resembling Prometheus. [3 definitions]
Prometheus in Greek mythology, the Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man.
promethium a synthetic radioactive chemical element of the rare-earth metallic group that has sixty-one protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Pm)
prominence the state or quality of being important or widely known or admired. [2 definitions]
prominent clearly noticeable; obvious; conspicuous. [3 definitions]
promiscuity the state or condition of being promiscuous. [3 definitions]
promiscuous having casual sexual relations with many different people. [3 definitions]
promise a statement absolutely assuring that a specified event will or will not occur; pledge. [8 definitions]
Promised Land in the Old Testament, the land of Canaan promised by God to Abraham and his descendants. [2 definitions]
promisee in law, one to whom a promise is made.
promising showing potential for favorable or successful development.
promisor in law, one who makes a promise.
promissory containing or conveying a promise.
promissory note a written promise to pay or repay a specified sum to a designated person at a specified time or on demand.
promontory a high cliff projecting into a large body of water, or a similar projection above a lowland.
promote to support the existence, growth, or advance of. [3 definitions]
promoter someone or something that promotes. [2 definitions]