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proportional having the correct correspondence between sizes or parts. [3 definitions]
proportional representation a system of voting in which the percentage of legislators elected from a particular party is determined by the popular vote for that party.
proportionate in proportion; proportional. [2 definitions]
proposal a suggested plan. [3 definitions]
propose to present for consideration or adoption; suggest. [4 definitions]
proposition a plan of action proposed; proposal. [5 definitions]
propound to propose or set forth for consideration.
proprietary of, pertaining to, or suitable to a proprietor. [6 definitions]
proprietor an owner, or group of owners, of a business enterprise, real property, or the like. [2 definitions]
proprietress a female proprietor.
propriety proper or appropriate behavior. [3 definitions]
proprioception awareness of the position and movement of body parts.
proprioceptive of or pertaining to awareness of the position and movement of one's own body parts.
propulsion the act or process of propelling, or the condition of being propelled. [2 definitions]
propyl a monovalent organic radical of three carbon and seven hydrogen atoms.
propylene a colorless combustible gas derived during the refining of petroleum and used in organic synthesis.
propylene glycol a thick colorless liquid used as a lubricant, in antifreeze, and as a solvent.
pro rata in proportion; proportionately.
prorate to divide, allocate, or assess proportionately.
prorogue to discontinue a session of (a legislative body). [2 definitions]
prosaic straightforward and plain; unimaginative; dull. [2 definitions]