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proximity fuze a fuze that uses a sensor to detonate a bomb, missile, or the like within a certain radius of the target.
proxy a person who is authorized to act for or on behalf of another, esp. as a voter; substitute. [3 definitions]
prude someone who is extremely or overly concerned with modesty or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like.
prudence wisdom and caution in practical matters; sensibleness. [3 definitions]
prudent having or showing wisdom and caution in practical matters; sensible. [3 definitions]
prudential of, concerning, or caused or marked by prudence. [2 definitions]
prudery the state, quality, or characteristic of being prudish. [2 definitions]
prudish overly concerned with modest or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like; of, like, or being a prude.
prune1 the dried or partially dried fruit of any of various common plums. [2 definitions]
prune2 to cut or remove dead or unwanted branches, twigs, or the like from; trim. [4 definitions]
pruning hook a tool with a hooked blade that is used to prune plants.
prurient having lewd or indecent thoughts. [2 definitions]
pruritus severe itching of the skin, usu. without eruption or other damage.
Prussia a former state in northern Europe that controlled approximately the area of Germany, esp. the northern parts.
Prussian of or pertaining to Prussia or its people, culture, or the like. [4 definitions]
Prussian blue a dark blue pigment or dye used in fabric dyeing, painting, and the like. [2 definitions]
prussic acid see hydrocyanic acid.
pry1 to be offensively inquisitive about another's private affairs. [2 definitions]
pry2 to move, lift, open, or otherwise force with something that acts as a lever. [4 definitions]
pryer variant of prier.
prying tending to pry; nosy. [2 definitions]