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pseudohermaphrodite a person or animal that has sex glands of one sex and external genital organs and sex characteristics resembling those of the opposite sex.
pseudonym a false name adopted by someone, esp. an author, to conceal his or her identity; pen name.
pseudonymous having or using a fictitious or false name. [2 definitions]
pseudopod a temporary protrusion of the protoplasm in certain one-celled organisms or in certain cells of some multicellular animals, used like a foot in locomotion or like a hand to grasp food.
pseudopodium pseudopod.
pseudoscience a theory, methodology, or the like, such as astrology, that claims an unjustified scientific basis or application.
pshaw an expression of disbelief, annoyance, or the like.
psi1 abbreviation of "pounds per square inch."
psi2 the name of the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
psilocybin a solid, crystalline hallucinogenic obtained from a certain type of mushroom.
psi particle an unstable meson that is thought to be composed of a quark and its antiparticle.
psittacosis a viral infection of birds that can be transmitted to humans as an illness similar to pneumonia.
psoriasis a chronic disease of the skin that causes dry, scaly patches.
psst used to attract the attention.
PST abbreviation of "Pacific Standard Time," the standard time used in the Pacific Coast region of the United States, eight hours behind Greenwich time.
psych (informal) to intimidate with psychological pressure; make uneasy or nervous (usu. fol. by "out"). [3 definitions]
psyche the human soul or spirit. [3 definitions]
psychedelic of, relating to, or producing heightened or distorted sensory perceptions, hallucinations, and sometimes extreme behavioral patterns. [3 definitions]
psychiatrist a doctor who specializes in treating mental and emotional disorders.
psychiatry the medical science or practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental and emotional disorders.
psychic of, caused by, or pertaining to nonphysical, spiritual, or supernatural processes or influences. [4 definitions]