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psycholinguistics (used with a sing. verb) the study of the interaction between the language and the attitudes and behavior of a person.
psychological of or relating to psychology. [2 definitions]
psychological moment the most propitious time to introduce or try something and gain acceptance for it.
psychological warfare the use of propaganda, innuendo, or the like to affect, esp. by confusing or undermining, the thinking, feelings, or morale of an opponent.
psychologist one trained in psychology.
psychologize to analyze, reason, speculate, or explain from a psychological point of view.
psychology the study or science of mental, emotional, and behavioral states and processes. [3 definitions]
psychoneurosis neurosis.
psychopath someone who is mentally ill, esp. one who exhibits aggressive and antisocial behavior.
psychopathic of, pertaining to, afflicted with, or characteristic of mental illness or psychopathy.
psychopathic personality a personality showing symptoms of or tending toward psychopathic behavior, such as amoral, antisocial, or aggressive behavior, inability to relate to other people, and the like.
psychopathology the scientific study of mental disorders. [2 definitions]
psychopathy mental disease, disorder, or malfunction.
psychopharmacology the study of the effect of drugs on the mind, emotions, and behavior.
psychosexual of or pertaining to the relationship or dynamic between psychological phenomena and sexuality.
psychosis serious mental disorder that affects all aspects of the personality and involves withdrawal from reality.
psychosocial of, pertaining to, affected by, or involving the interaction between the individual personality and its social environment.
psychosomatic of or relating to physical diseases or disorders that are caused or aggravated by emotional factors.
psychotherapy the science or technique of treating mental and emotional problems with psychological methods rather than drugs or medications.
psychotomimetic pertaining to or designating drugs that tend to cause symptoms of a psychotic state.
psychotoxic of, pertaining to, or designating an agent that causes brain damage, such as certain drugs, excessive alcohol, or the like.