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psychotoxic of, pertaining to, or designating an agent that causes brain damage, such as certain drugs, excessive alcohol, or the like.
psychotropic affecting the activities of the mind, as a tranquilizer, hallucinogen, or the like.
Pt symbol of the chemical element platinum.
Pt. abbreviation of "Point."
pt. abbreviation of "point." [2 definitions]
PTA abbreviation of "Parent-Teacher Association."
ptarmigan any of a variety of grouse that are found in cold, northern regions, and whose brown plumage is replaced by white in the winter.
PT boat a small, swift, highly maneuverable torpedo boat, used esp. to patrol and torpedo enemy merchant ships.
pteridophyte in some systems of classification, a division of plants that have true vascular roots, stems, and leaves and that reproduce by means of spores, such as ferns, club mosses, or horsetails.
ptero- feather; wing.
pterodactyl any of various extinct flying reptiles.
pterosaur a flying reptile of the Mesozoic era characterized as having a birdlike beak and membranous wings supported by an exceptionally long fourth digit of each forelimb.
-pterous having (such or so many) wings.
Ptolemaic of or pertaining to Ptolemy or the system of astronomy he developed.
Ptolemaic system the cosmographic theory, systematized by the Hellenistic astronomer Ptolemy, according to which all heavenly bodies revolve around the earth, which is fixed at the center of the universe.
Ptolemy an Alexandrian mathematician, astronomer, and geographer (second century A.D.). [2 definitions]
ptomaine any of a variety of basic nitrogenous substances, some poisonous, that are produced by the decay of protein.
ptomaine poisoning poisoning caused by ingestion of a ptomaine, or food poisoning erroneously ascribed to this cause.
ptyalin an enzyme found in human and some animal saliva that converts starch into maltose and various dextrins.
Pu symbol of the chemical element plutonium.
pub a bar or tavern that serves food and often has a strong community connection.