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publicly in a public manner; not secretively. [2 definitions]
publicness the quality or condition of being public or publicly owned.
public opinion the collective or general opinion of a people, esp. as a deciding factor in the creation of social policy or in actions of a political nature.
public prosecutor (chiefly British) a laywer who is appointed by the government to prosecute criminal cases on the government's behalf; district attorney.
public relations the organized efforts of a corporation, organization, institution, or the like to establish a favorable image or favorable relations with the general public. [2 definitions]
public school in the US, an elementary or secondary school that is part of a system of free schools supported by public taxes and supervised by local officials. [2 definitions]
public servant a government official, elected or appointed, or an employee of the civil service.
public-service corporation a private corporation that provides a utility or other service to the public and is regulated by the government.
public-spirited having or showing great interest in the welfare of the general public.
public utility an organization operated usu. as a monopoly under government regulation or control, that provides an essential public commodity or service, such as electricity, water, transportation, and the like.
public works buildings, pipelines, highways, and the like that are built and maintained at public expense for public use or benefit.
publish to prepare and distribute (printed material) for sale or circulation to the public. [5 definitions]
publishable combined form of publish.
publisher a person or company that publishes books or periodicals. [2 definitions]
publishing the business or profession of a publisher.
PUC abbreviation of "public utilities commission."
puce a dark brownish purple color.
puck in ice hockey, the hard rubber disk that players try to hit into the net for goals.
pucker to gather or contract into small folds or wrinkles. [2 definitions]
puckish (sometimes cap.) mischievous or playful; impish.
pudding a soft creamy or spongy dessert, usu. made by boiling or baking a mixture of milk, flour, eggs, and sugar, and adding fruit or other flavoring. [5 definitions]