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puerperal fever an infection, often fatal, of the endometrium or bloodstream, that occurs during or just after childbirth, usu. caused by unsanitary conditions surrounding delivery.
Puerto Ayora town located in Galapagos, Ecuador, on Isla Santa Cruz, known for its tourism infrastructure.
Puerto Rico a West Indies island commonwealth associated with the United States, east of the Dominican Republic.
puff a brief, forceful emission of breath, air, or vapor. [16 definitions]
puff adder a large, thick-bodied, poisonous African viper that puffs up and hisses when irritated. [2 definitions]
puffball any of a variety of fungi with spherical bodies that burst when ripe to release clouds of spores.
puffer see "puffer fish." [2 definitions]
puffer fish any of various saltwater fishes that are capable, when irritated or alarmed, of swallowing water or air and puffing up their bodies to many times their usual size, causing, in some species, sharp protective spines to become erect.
puffery excessive praise or flattery, as in advertising.
puffin any of a number of northern sea birds that typically have black and white feathers, and a large, flat, colorful bill.
puff pastry a light flaky pastry that puffs when baked, made by rolling and folding the dough before baking and used for croissants, pie shells, tarts, and the like.
puff up to swell or make swell. [3 definitions]
puffy swollen; inflated. [2 definitions]
pug1 any of a breed of small dogs with short, smooth hair, a wide, wrinkled face, a snub nose, and a tightly curled tail.
pug2 to knead or work (clay) with water until it has a plastic consistency. [2 definitions]
pugilism the art, practice, or profession of fighting with one's fists; boxing.
pugilist one who boxes, esp. as a professional.
pugnacious ready or eager to fight; overly aggressive or quarrelsome.
pugnacity readiness or eagerness to fight or argue.
pug nose a short, broad, somewhat flattened nose, turned up at the end.
puissance great strength or power; might.