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raincoat a coat made of material that repels water.
raindrop a drop of rain.
rainfall a fall of rain. [2 definitions]
rainforest a dense forest of evergreens and heavy undergrowth in a tropical area that receives abundant rainfall throughout the year.
rain gauge an instrument that collects and measures the amount of rainfall in a specific time and place.
rainmaker one who causes or attempts to cause rain to fall, either by scientific or by magical methods.
rainproof keeping rain out; unaffected by rain; waterproof. [2 definitions]
rain shadow the lee side of a mountainous barrier, which receives little or no precipitation.
rainstorm a storm that includes a rainfall.
rainwater water that has collected or been collected directly from falling rain.
rainwear waterproof or water-repellent clothing for wearing in the rain.
rainy characterized by or having rain.
rainy day a potential time of need or emergency, esp. of economic distress.
raise to elevate to a higher position; lift. [14 definitions]
raised having a surface design in relief; embossed. [2 definitions]
raise hob with to cause a commotion; disrupt; trouble.
raise the devil cause a loud commotion; protest loudly.
raisin a sweet grape that has been dried for use as food.
raison d'état reason of state (French); a political or diplomatic justification or reason.
raison d'être (French) reason or justification for existence.
raj in India, a king, or his rule, reign, or dominion.