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reappearance combined form of appearance.
reapplication combined form of application.
reapply combined form of apply.
reappoint combined form of appoint.
reappointment combined form of appointment.
reapportion to share or apportion in a different relation or ratio. [2 definitions]
reappraisal combined form of appraisal.
reappraise to make a second or fresh assessment of; reconsider, reevaluate, or rethink.
reappropriate combined form of appropriate.
reapprove combined form of approve.
reap the whirlwind to suffer the consequences of rash actions or wrongdoing.
rear1 the back part of something. [5 definitions]
rear2 to raise to maturity. [4 definitions]
rear admiral a U.S. naval officer ranking below a vice admiral and above a commodore admiral.
rear end the part of something furthest to the back, such as an animal's buttocks or the rearmost part of a vehicle.
rear-end to collide with (the rear of another vehicle).
rear guard a small detachment of soldiers who protect the rear of a larger unit, as in a retreat.
reargue combined form of argue.
reargument combined form of argument.
rearm to establish or help to establish an offensive military force again. [2 definitions]
rearmost farthest to the back or end; last.