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rebbetzin the wife of a rabbi.
rebec a pear-shaped, three-stringed musical instrument of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that is played with a bow.
rebegin combined form of begin.
rebel one who resists authority or restriction. [6 definitions]
rebellion an uprising or armed resistance against established authority or a government. [2 definitions]
rebellious unwilling to accept one's situation or submit to the will of others. [4 definitions]
rebid combined form of bid.
rebind combined form of bind.
rebirth a major recurrence, as of a phenomenon; revival. [3 definitions]
reblend combined form of blend.
rebloom combined form of bloom.
reboard combined form of board.
rebook combined form of book.
reboot combined form of boot.
reborn revitalized; renewed. [3 definitions]
rebottle combined form of bottle.
rebound to bounce or leap back or away after hitting something. [5 definitions]
rebozo a long scarf worn around the head and shoulders by Spanish and Mexican women.
rebreed combined form of breed.
rebroadcast to repeat a taped show on television or radio. [3 definitions]
rebuff to reject, repel, block, or set back. [3 definitions]