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recoup to regain, or recover an equivalent in value of, (something lost, stolen, or damaged). [2 definitions]
recoupable combined form of recoup.
recourse access to or the use of something for help, protection, or legal assistance. [3 definitions]
recover to get back or regain. [5 definitions]
re-cover to cover again.
recoverable combined form of recover.
recovery the act of receiving back that which had been lost or stolen. [3 definitions]
recovery room a specially equipped and staffed hospital room where patients recovering from anesthesia after surgery can be closely monitored.
recreant not faithful to a cause or set of principles; disloyal. [4 definitions]
recreate to renew or refresh oneself through relaxing pursuits. [2 definitions]
re-create to create again; reproduce.
recreation the act or process of engaging in a relaxing or agreeable pastime. [2 definitions]
re-creation the act or process of creating afresh. [2 definitions]
recreational vehicle a vehicle that is equipped with living quarters and is used for leisure travel.
recreation room a room or hall, as in a camp, school, or residential institution, that is used for recreational or social activities; rec room.
recriminate to react to an accusation with a countercharge. [2 definitions]
recrimination an accusation made in response to being accused by another, or the act of countering one accusation with another.
recross combined form of cross.
recrudesce to become active again or break out anew, as a disease or harmful condition.
recruit a soldier recently drafted or enlisted into the armed forces. [6 definitions]
recruitment the act or process of recruiting.