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redstart an American warbler, the male of which is mostly black with bright orange patches on the wings and tail. [2 definitions]
red tape official forms, regulations, and procedures, esp. those resulting in delay and frustration.
red tide a brownish red discoloration of sea waters caused by a local overabundance of certain single-celled algae that are toxic to many forms of marine life.
redtop a grass with reddish flower clusters that is grown for hay, pasturage, and lawns.
reduce to make less in amount or size. [8 definitions]
reducing agent a substance that chemically reduces or causes reduction in another substance, and that is itself oxidized in the process.
reductio ad absurdum (Latin) the disproof of a proposition by demonstrating the impossibility or absurdity of its logical conclusion.
reduction the act of reducing or state of being reduced. [5 definitions]
reductionist indicating the oversimplification of complex ideas or data.
reductive relating to or characterized by reducing or abridgment. [2 definitions]
redundancy the state or quality of being redundant. [4 definitions]
redundant unnecessarily repetitive. [3 definitions]
reduplicate to repeat or duplicate. [5 definitions]
reduplication the act of reduplicating or the state of being reduplicated. [2 definitions]
redwing see red-winged blackbird. [2 definitions]
red-winged blackbird a North American blackbird, the male of which has bright red patches on its wings.
redwood a very tall, long-lived evergreen tree found in northern California. [2 definitions]
reecho of a sound, to echo again; reverberate; resound. [3 definitions]
reed any of various tall marsh grasses or their straight, jointed, hollow stalks. [3 definitions]
reeding small convex moldings, as on a column.
reed instrument any musical instrument, such as the clarinet, oboe, or bassoon, in which the sound is produced by a vibrating reed or reeds.