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red-winged blackbird a North American blackbird, the male of which has bright red patches on its wings.
redwood a very tall, long-lived evergreen tree found in northern California. [2 definitions]
reecho of a sound, to echo again; reverberate; resound. [3 definitions]
reed any of various tall marsh grasses or their straight, jointed, hollow stalks. [3 definitions]
reeding small convex moldings, as on a column.
reed instrument any musical instrument, such as the clarinet, oboe, or bassoon, in which the sound is produced by a vibrating reed or reeds.
reed organ an organ in which the sound is produced by a set of free, vibrating metal reeds instead of pipes.
reed pipe an organ pipe containing a reed that vibrates when struck by air currents and thus produces sound.
reed stop a set of organ pipes operated by a single stop or knob.
reeducate to educate again; retrain; reinstruct; rehabilitate.
reedy full of, made of, or resembling reeds. [2 definitions]
reef1 a ridge of rock, sand, or coral rising to or near the surface of marine waters. [2 definitions]
reef2 the part of the sail that is drawn in and tied down to decrease the area exposed to the wind. [2 definitions]
reefer1 one who reefs on a sailing ship. [2 definitions]
reefer2 (slang) a marijuana cigarette.
reef knot a square knot used to reef sails; flat knot.
reek a strong and unpleasant odor. [3 definitions]
reel1 a cylinder, spool, or the like that usu. turns on an axis, and on which cord, wire, tape, film, or the like can be wound. [4 definitions]
reel2 to waver or be thrown back. [6 definitions]
reel3 a lively folk dance of Scottish origin, or the music that accompanies it.
reelect to be chosen again by means of voting; to elect again.