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referendum the submission of a legislative measure to a vote by the general public, or the vote thus taken.
referent anything in the real world or in the imagination that is symbolized or referred to by a word or other symbol.
referential having reference or containing a reference to something.
referral an act, process, or instance of referring. [2 definitions]
referred pain pain felt in a different part of the body from that in which it originates.
refight combined form of fight.
refigure combined form of figure.
refill to fill again. [2 definitions]
refillable combined form of refill.
refinance to obtain additional money or credit from. [2 definitions]
refind combined form of find.
refine to make pure or fine by removing unwanted elements. [4 definitions]
refined no longer containing impurities or extraneous substances. [4 definitions]
refinement the act of refining or condition of being refined. [3 definitions]
refinery an industrial plant where natural resources such as petroleum and sugar are purified into usable products.
refinish to redo or restore the surface or finish of (woodwork, furniture, or the like).
refire combined form of fire.
refit to make or be made fit or ready for use again; resupply; reequip. [2 definitions]
refix combined form of fix.
reflect to throw back (light, heat, sound, or the like), as from a surface. [7 definitions]
reflectance the ratio of the amount of radiation, esp. light, that is reflected from a surface to that of the radiation originally on the surface.