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reflexive of a pronoun, used as an object that refers back to the subject of a sentence, as "himself" in "He admired himself in the mirror". [4 definitions]
refloat combined form of float.
refluent flowing back, as in a tide; ebbing.
reflux the process of flowing back.
reforest to plant new trees in (an area formerly forested).
reforestation the act of planting new trees to cover land where a forest had existed previously.
reform the improvement of wrong or bad conditions, esp. by political means. [5 definitions]
re-form to gather or form again.
reformable combined form of reform.
reformat combined form of format.
reformation the act of reforming or condition of being reformed. [2 definitions]
reformatory intended to improve or reform. [2 definitions]
reformed purged of faults, abuses, and errors. [3 definitions]
reformer a person who works to bring about reform or improvement; reformist. [2 definitions]
reformist a person supporting or advocating reform. [2 definitions]
reform school see reformatory.
reformulate combined form of formulate.
reformulation combined form of formulation.
refortification combined form of fortification.
refortify combined form of fortify.
refoundation combined form of foundation.