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re-form to gather or form again.
reformable combined form of reform.
reformat combined form of format.
reformation the act of reforming or condition of being reformed. [2 definitions]
reformatory intended to improve or reform. [2 definitions]
reformed purged of faults, abuses, and errors. [3 definitions]
reformer a person who works to bring about reform or improvement; reformist. [2 definitions]
reformist a person supporting or advocating reform. [2 definitions]
reform school see "reformatory."
reformulate combined form of formulate.
reformulation combined form of formulation.
refortification combined form of fortification.
refortify combined form of fortify.
refoundation combined form of foundation.
refract to bend (rays or waves of light, heat, sound, or the like) in passing (them) obliquely from one medium into another which transmits them at a different speed.
refractile of, relating to, or capable of refraction; refractive.
refracting telescope an optical telescope that uses lenses rather than mirrors to focus light rays. (Cf. reflecting telescope.)
refraction the bending of rays or waves of light, heat, sound, or the like when passed obliquely from one medium to another with a different rate of transmission. [2 definitions]
refractor something that causes refraction. [2 definitions]
refractory obstinately disobedient; difficult to control, as a child or animal. [4 definitions]
refrain1 to hold oneself back; to not enter into a particular action; desist; forbear (often fol. by "from").