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refresher course a course serving as a review of material previously studied, esp. to bring knowledge or professional skills up to date.
refreshing relieving or capable of relieving such things as tiredness, thirst, or the feeling of being overheated. [2 definitions]
refreshment (often pl.) something that refreshes or that is taken to refresh oneself, esp. food and drink. [2 definitions]
refried beans a Mexican dish consisting of dried pinto beans that have been cooked, seasoned, mashed, and fried.
refrigerant freezing, cooling, or refrigerating. [2 definitions]
refrigerate to make cold or cool, esp. to preserve.
refrigeration the act of refrigerating or state of being refrigerated.
refrigerator a room, cabinet, or appliance where food or other substances are preserved in a cold environment.
refuge shelter, protection, or comfort. [3 definitions]
refugee a person forced to leave his or her home or native land to seek safe refuge, usu. as a result of war, persecution, or the like.
refulgent shining brilliantly; radiant.
refund1 to return or restore (money). [3 definitions]
refund2 to fund afresh. [2 definitions]
refurbish to make clean, fresh, and attractive again, as by renovating, refurnishing, or repainting (a home, office, or the like).
refurnish combined form of furnish.
refusal the act or an instance of refusing. [2 definitions]
refuse1 to decline to accept or give. [3 definitions]
refuse2 material considered to be waste or otherwise worthless; garbage; rubbish. [2 definitions]
refusenik a citizen of the former Soviet Union who was denied permission to emigrate.
refute to demonstrate the falseness or error of; disprove. [2 definitions]
reg.1 abbreviation of "regular."