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regarding with respect to; concerning.
regardless lacking regard, heed, or mindfulness. [2 definitions]
regather combined form of gather.
regatta a boat race or planned series of such races, esp. of sailing vessels.
regear combined form of gear.
regency a person or group that governs in place of a disabled or underage ruler, or the office and authority of such a person or group. [3 definitions]
regenerate to cause a spiritual or moral reform in. [7 definitions]
regeneration the act of being re-created or reformed. [2 definitions]
regent one who governs in place of a disabled or underage ruler. [3 definitions]
reggae a music influenced by blues, calypso, and rock-'n'-roll that originated in Jamaica, has a simple, strong, syncopated beat, and often has lyrics of social protest.
regicide the murder of a king. [2 definitions]
regild combined form of gild.
regime a system of rule, government, or administration. [3 definitions]
regimen a regulated routine of therapy or exercise designed to promote health or fitness. [2 definitions]
regiment a troop of infantry consisting of at least two battalions. [4 definitions]
regimental of or relating to a regiment.
regimentals military dress and insignias, esp. that of a particular regiment.
region a large continuous space or area. [4 definitions]
regional of or pertaining to a particular geographic area. [3 definitions]
regionalism an administrative principle of dividing an area into definable regions and subjecting these regions to local control. [3 definitions]
register a book that officially records names, events, or other information. [15 definitions]