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register a book that officially records names, events, or other information. [15 definitions]
registerable combined form of register.
registered inserted as a record in a book or register. [4 definitions]
registered mail mail that is accompanied by the signature of each postal handler and must be signed for by the addressee, to provide a record that it has been delivered.
registered nurse a nurse who has completed extensive training and passed a state examination licensing him or her to practice nursing.
registrant one who is registered.
registrar a person acting as an official recorder, as of election rolls. [2 definitions]
registration the act or process of registering or enrolling. [4 definitions]
registration number (chiefly British) the registered set of numbers and letters found on the license plates of a vehicle; license plate number.
registry an office or depository where records are kept. [2 definitions]
regive combined form of give.
reglaze combined form of glaze.
regnant holding the power of a ruler; ruling (usu. fol. the noun it modifies). [2 definitions]
regorge to throw up or discharge violently; disgorge. [2 definitions]
regrade combined form of grade.
regrant combined form of grant.
regreening the process of rehabilitating land that has become barren so that it supports plant life once again.
regress to go back or backwards, as in reverting to an earlier form or stage of development. [2 definitions]
regression the act or condition of return to an earlier form or less advanced state; biological or psychological reversion.
regret to feel sorrow or remorse for (something committed). [7 definitions]
regretful having sorrow or remorse for a loss, an act, or a disappointment.