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reiterate to say again.
reject to refuse to accept, grant entry to, acknowledge, or act upon. [5 definitions]
rejection the act of rejecting or state of being rejected. [2 definitions]
rejection slip a brief note from a publisher rejecting work submitted for publication.
rejoice to be joyful or take great pleasure (sometimes fol. by "in" or "at"). [2 definitions]
rejoin1 to join again, as with another person, group, or organization. [3 definitions]
rejoin2 to say in reply or response. [3 definitions]
rejoinder a response to a reply; retort. [2 definitions]
rejudge combined form of judge.
rejuggle combined form of juggle.
rejuvenate to restore the vigor, health, or appearance of youth to.
rekindle to start the burning of (something) again. [2 definitions]
reknit combined form of knit.
relabel combined form of label.
relacquer combined form of lacquer.
relandscape combined form of landscape.
relapse to revert, esp. to a former negative condition, habit, or mode of conduct. [4 definitions]
relate to see or establish a connection or association with (fol. by "to" or "with"). [6 definitions]
related associated; connected. [2 definitions]
relation an association or connection between or among things. [6 definitions]
relational of, pertaining to, or expressing a relation or relations.