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religion a set of beliefs concerned with explaining the origins and purposes of the universe, usu. involving belief in a supernatural creator and offering guidance in ethics and morals. [4 definitions]
religionism excessive religious zeal, esp. that marked by pretension or affectation.
religionless combined form of religion.
religiosity the quality of being religious, esp. to excess or in an affected manner; pietism or sanctimony.
religious relating to or concerned with religion. [5 definitions]
reline to put new lines on. [2 definitions]
relink combined form of link.
relinquish to surrender, release, or let go of; give up.
reliquary a container or shrine in which relics are kept or displayed.
reliquefy combined form of liquefy.
relish a great enjoyment or appreciation of something, esp. food or drink. [6 definitions]
relishable combined form of relish.
relive to experience or live over again, often in the imagination.
reload combined form of load.
reloadable combined form of reload.
relocate to locate or move again. [3 definitions]
relook combined form of look.
relubricate combined form of lubricate.
relubrication combined form of lubrication.
reluctance a state of unwillingness or disinclination, often arising from uncertainty or doubt.
reluctant unenthusiastic or unwilling; disinclined. [2 definitions]